Hybrid Life Insurance: How to Compare Costs and Benefits

A hybrid life insurance policy combines the benefits of a Permanent Life Insurance policy and the features of Term Life Insurance. A Hybrid life insurance policy covers your children, spouse and dependents as if they were covered by an additional permanent policy. It will cost you more than a standard permanent life insurance policy butContinue reading “Hybrid Life Insurance: How to Compare Costs and Benefits”

What is Hybrid Life Insurance?

Hybrid life insurance¬† was created to help those that are interested in combining the concept of traditional life insurance with that of hybrid. These types of policies are not actually insurance policies but rather a combination of two insurance products. One of these is the traditional insurance and the other is a hybrid. Hybrid insuranceContinue reading “What is Hybrid Life Insurance?”

How to Find the Best Hybrid Life Insurance

Types of Hybrid Life Insurance Products are becoming increasingly popular as people get educated about long term health issues. Although term life insurance has been around for many years, the newest kinds of plans being offered are quite attractive. Term life insurance is designed to cover burial expenses and a set amount until termination ofContinue reading “How to Find the Best Hybrid Life Insurance”

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